Buddha Head drawing

I am Gergely Máté. Not the one on the left, because that's intended to be the Buddha. You can reach me (not the Buddha, but Gergely Máté): (gerymate AT gmail DOT com) +36(20)415-4392 and generally "gerymate" (or sometimes "sportember") at various places around the web. Almost all gerymates and sportembers seem to be me, but don't take this for sure. My experience may be biased. And I don't have a trademark on any of my nicknames. If in doubt, contact me via the direct channels above. I like to be contacted. I don't plan to buy anything not planned before, although.

Until 2015 I study computer science at the Faculty of Informatics at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary, EU, Planet Earth.

I am involved in various libre software projects. To be accurate, I am highly involved in free software at all. I actively support free software projects, often with donations. I also support non-profits, such as the FSFE and The Linux Foundation. For many years the majority of the software I used have been free software. I think Ubuntu provided me substantial personal freedom, both in computing and in real life. My life is based on these works.

I read the Bible regularly. I consider it as peer reviewed open source code running on me :-) . However, I highly appreciate the teachings of the Buddha, practice highly rational thinking and enjoy scientific views.

If you are still reading, you probably like to read. So here are some suggestions, some of my favourite authors. I got many inspiration from Isaac Asimov, Viktor Pelevin, Neil Stephenson and Kurt Vonnegut. Stephenson introduced me to the fantastic world outside the quite boring slavedom of the Microsoft monopoly. Vonnegut showed me enchanting magical worlds. Asimov taught me how to think not at large, but at huge. And at last, Pelevin gave me some extremely wide perspectives on our world. Be sure to understand Russian if you're intended to follow that link :-) !